How To Compress A Golf Ball

Being able to compress a golf ball will give you lots of benefits on the golf course that you never even realised.

PGA pro Kendle McCrossan explains what compression is and how selecting the right golf ball can give you the better performance from the first tee shot.

Getting more of the golf club in contact with the ball will help you compress the golf ball more and create more distance. There are some practice drill you can do on the range or even at home before you get on the golf course involving getting your hands ahead of the ball at impact.

Compress a golf ball from driver

Watch Kendle explain compression and the drill below


Kendle is a PGA teching pro at Thornbury Golf Club in Bristol. As well as the golf course they have a driving range and lessons are available with Kendle

Kendle Mcrossan Golf Coach

In this video he is wearing the Cmax Chase Golf Polo Shirt the Nino Golf Trousers

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