Bunker Olly Drill: Chip closer and hole putts

Need a drill for the short game area to get your chipping and putting in shape for the season?

Bunker Olly has the perfect drill for you to try on the short game area at the range or your club. All you need is the wedge you play chip and runs with and your putter!

This drill is all about getting in the habit of chipping and putting all at the same time. On or near the edge of the green chip up to the hole then move the ball 1 putter length away from the hole and make the putt. This teaches you to hole the shorter putts your mates might ‘gimmie’ but also gets you used to playing as close to the hole as possible so the putt is shorter.

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Olly is a PGA Teaching pro at Scraptoft Golf Club, Leicester. Book a lesson with him here