Win a Shot Scope V2 GPS + Performance Tracking Watch

Bunker Mentality shot scope competition


We've teamed up with our friends from Shot scope to bring you a fantastic competition to win the new V2 GPS Performance Tracking watch worth £139

This is one of the very best pieces of kit we have seen in a long time. It is simple to use and the information it provides is astonishing. It's got to be much easier to improve your game with this piece of kit!

First you register for a free Show Scope account and download the app for desktop and phone. It covers both iOS and Android. Then set up your wristband and screw the lightweight tags in to your clubs. Then get out on the course and improve your game. Really simple to set up. 

You can analyse your data on the course or download onto you laptop where you can spend hours reviewing every shot you have hit on the course. Then start to work on improving your game.

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