Yorkshire Hombre, Stratford-upon-Avon and Lickey Hills

I’ve been away on Holiday in Yorkshire’s Moors. With sheep, wind, rain, Fish & Chips, pubs, walking, more sheep, but no golf.

The inclement moors weather gve me the perfect opportunity to try out my new Hombre wind jacket. I have to say that it performed really well, not letting in wind or water spray whether hanging out of a train window or walking on the sea wall at Whitby! I think autumn/winter golf will be much more enjoyable this year.


I haven’t spent all of my time messin’ about on t’ moors…

A couple of weeks ago Dave and I played Stratford Oaks, nr Stratford-upon-Avon. We both played well, Dave shot a 94 while I shot 92. Dave’s form has improved consistently this year. You could say practice makes perfect, but I put it down to the new bunker gear he’s been wearing! I have attached a photo of Dave in his house playa polo.

Last weekend our friend Phil came to visit; We took him to Lickey Hills Golf course as none of us has played there in at least a decade. I had hoped for a fairly even game, especially as Phil had recently completed his Macmillan Longest Day challenge. Unfortunately the blisters, aches and pains had gone and he was in great form, beating us all with a nice round of 80. If I could get him in some Bunker gear I reckon he could do par.


Well done to Rory on a stunning victory at The Open and also to Ricky and Sergio for some great golf.

I can’t wait for the Ryder cup…it’s going to be EPIC!!


One last thing…Keep your eyes peeled for the new Autumn Polo collection – I can’t wait!

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