World No. 7 admits to missing greens on purpose

Danielle Kang leads the LPGA Money List and is the current World No. 7. The 29-year-old is a major champion and a six-time winner on tour and she's also a really good listen. And she's open which is why she's admitted to something that very few tour pros would ever touch upon.

Players don't like to admit any weakness but the American has revealed that her chipping has been off in recent times and that she's trialling a new way to sort out her on-course problems.

"I've been chipping kind of weird so I missed couple greens on purpose last week, and I was talking about it with my coach and they thought it was the most absurd thing they had ever heard. My friend David Lipsky was like, You did what? I said, You've never done that? No, nobody does that," Kang said.

"I have to figure it out eventually so I have to keep chipping in a tournament scenario when I have to make an up and down. And you can't really recreate what you feel in a competition unless you're in competition. I've tried. Like people can use gambling or putting money or whatever it may be, but for me, in that moment there is nothing I want more than to make par from a specific place. I can't recreate that unless it's at an event. I'm just trying to mishit and fail and see if I can recover the best that I can. It's an internal feeling that I'm working on. So technique is just part of it. It's not most of it."

Kang, who is coached by Butch Harmon, went on to say that she managed to get up and down two out of three times – she would tie for 42nd – and she's seeing the whole thing as part of a bigger picture, rather than rattling up the high finishes.

"Sometimes you just get so carried away about playing well and what the results may be and what we should be doing or shouldn't be doing. This is just part of life and who you are momentarily, and being in the present and working on what you need to work on now is the best way to approach something."