World Handicap System - Have You Got Yours?

Just when you thought 2020 couldn't get any worse, the powers that be in the world of golf are starting to roll out their new universal handicap system. Where previously, different parts of the world had different (and all very confusing) ways to calculate your handicap; this will now be replaced by one, completely universal way.

While it may seem confusing on face the value, the idea behind it is that anyone can play golf anywhere in the world (with or against anyone at all) and be able to fairly compete against them. Here in the UK we're all very well versed in our traditional system, but what will these changes mean for our handicaps?

Well, all you need is your CDH number (individual handicap number, available from your local golf club if you don't know it already) and this page on the England Golf Website.

This instantly tells you what your handicap is likely to become, and from what we've heard, provides some very interesting results!

While most people are said to have stayed pretty much the same, there have been some rumblings that people have gained or lost several shots as a result of the change....

What is the World Handicap System? Find out here.