Woburn Golf Club - An English Record Holder

Sometimes we take golf for granted. It can, on very rare occasions, become slightly more of a chore than a pleasure, playing the same course week in and week out.
This week, we had the priviledge of heading to Wobrun Golf Club for a photoshoot, and this place really does make you appreciate golf once again. Boasting 3 courses, it is the first location in England that can claim all 3 courses are in the Top 100 Ranking, and you can definitely tell why.
All 3 are different, offering a different challenge, and each having a different unique history. Ranging from the British Masters to the upcoming (and very exciting) G4D Tour showcasing the best disability golf has to offer. The fact the all 3 courses are in the Top 100 is not only a testatment to the courses themselves, but also the conditons they are kept in.
Most courses around the country right now are recovering from a very long and wet winter, and doing large amounts of work on their course ready for the season. Woburn, on the other hand, looks like the winter weather hasn't even touched it. The greens are fast and true, the bunkers are ranked to perfection, and the fairways like carpet.
It certainly isn't the cheapest round of golf, but ultimately, you get what you pay for. We're talking in excess of £200 for a round, but for us it is absolutely worth every single penny. If you get the chance to play, snap it up without hesitation!