Why This 7-Iron Is Now Worth $50,000

If you want an example of Michael Block's new-found fame then this is pretty good. The PGA pro from Mission Viejo in California was unknown outside the bigger golfing circle but, after his tied for 15th and THAT hole-in-one alongside Rory McIlroy at the PGA, he is now very much the man of the moment.

So much so that the 46-year-old is down to play in this week's Charles Schwab Challenge as well as the Canadian Open and the Omega European Masters in Switzerland.

And now he's been offered in the region of $50k for his now iconic TaylorMade 7-iron, the club that slam-dunked his ball in at Oak Hill's 15th hole.

“For $50k, I’ll hand deliver it. All I know is that thing isn’t going to be too far out of my eyesight anymore. I don’t think I made $50k per year until 10 years ago,” Block said.

Block's biggest win before last week was $75, before that it was $4.5k at the 2001 California State Open. So to pick up $288,333 is genuinely off the charts. And, in terms of sponsorship, there will likely be a lot more to come in the near future.

It's still up for debate where the club will end up, if anywhere, with the the PGA of America hoping to showcase it at their new headquarters in Frisco, Texas or it might just stay in the bag given Block's reticence to tinker a lot with his bag.

He's been playing the same Tour Preferred MC irons since 2013 while his Odyssey White Hot 2-Ball putter is 20 years old.

“The new MCs feel great and everything else, but these — as you can see with most of my irons, wedges and 20-year-old putter — once I kind of have something that I know what it’s going to do, especially under pressure, it stays,” he said.

Block added some lead tape to the irons a few years ago but they haven't been touched since.

“The irons were just starting to feel a little light,” he added. “Maybe it was because the grooves were starting to wear off, I don’t know. I do it so randomly. If you look at my putter, it’s so random where I place it. I’m a feel guy. They’ve been good.”

Block's phone is still full of thousands of unread messages including one from none other than Michael Jordan.

“I’m still living the dream. Even the guy making my omelette gave me a high five. The guys at the entrance started yelling Block Party as I’m driving away. I get the chills even talking about it.”