Why Do We Love Colour?

Needless to say we love strong and vibrant colours. Colour can make bland things into really cool things and we have always used it in a dynamic way. We like to go for it. We have navys and blacks in our ranges, you have to have, but when we do colour we do it strong and purposefully.

 Bunker Mentality Colour Polo Shirts Bright

We like to dress the individual rather than conforming too much and people are buying into it more now. It's about having the right colours too. Every season we will dominate in blue as everyone loves it but we’ll try to make it really dynamic looking and we’ll use different shades. 


The other colour that’s really significant for us is hot pink. We can’t sell red but we can sell hot pink which is interesting. We think it’s because it’s maybe more dynamic than red and lends itself to other colours a bit more, red can be a bit stark and you’ll just end up complementing it with black trousers. You can marry a hot pink polo with any trousers. Also, nobody ever buys green strangely as men just don’t wear it other than when it’s in a sale.

 Bunker Mentality Stand Out From the Crowd Don't Blend In Colour

The culture in golf can be quite frustrating. Someone might make a real effort to look good on a night out but when he gets to a golf club it’s all black and grey as that’s what we see on TV all the time. More people are slowly switching though and the bulk of our customers are middle-aged guys and they’re loving colour. But there’s this culture in golf where if you make a real effort and arrive on the 1st tee with something a bit more colourful then you’re going to get the comment about making sure that you can hit it. We like to put each other down rather than not worrying how someone plays if they’ve dressed up a bit.


We use a Kurt Cobain quote - to paraphrase, 'they laugh at me because I’m different, I laugh at them because they’re all the same'. We like to stand out a bit and not take life and ourselves too seriously and it is becoming more acceptable to push the boat out a bit. I would say to some of the guys on the tours that by looking really cool can have a positive effect on your game and conversely can give you an advantage over your opponent or playing partner. Again, look at how influential Tiger was in his Sunday red.