Where to Brand on a Polo shirt


Bunker Mentality Five Stripe Polo Shirt - Shoulder Tab Close Up

Where to Brand on a Polo shirt!

Welcome back to team design, it’s been a while but we’ve been really busy with lots of new and exciting projects. With summer just around the corner, and winter out of the way it’s time to discuss our new season polo shirts.

Over the last couple of years branding has been a big discussion point here in bunker HQ. Our recent collections have been more-refined with a sophisticated and modern aesthetic.

Each year our designs and ideas develop and we’ve noticed a real change within the fashion industry and what people want. Athleisure is a massive trend that is here to stay. We no longer wear our sport wear to the gym or to play a game of golf. Lifestyle is here to stay and that means we want to ensure performance meets style. We want you to live as you play!

Our polos are designed for that golfer who wants to take it further than the course. It is very easy to place banding all over the polo shirt but sometimes this can really ruin a design, we have decided to stick to our classic and simple silicone badge which sits central of our shoulder seam.

We’ve noticed that many brands feature their logos on the collar. This is great for advertising but when it comes to style this doesn’t work for us. Branding should be there to enhance or compliment the design. All of our polos have so much detail throughout and there is a lot of thought and deliberation that goes on, whether it’s about a colour of a button to the placement of a stripe. It would be a real shame to put a logo in a place that distracts from the main design.

A distinct logo:

A logo says a lot about a brand. Most polo shirts feature a badge or embroidery on the chest however this isn’t always necessary. The design can distinguish where the branding should be placed. Take this seasons Five Stripe polo shirt, here the branding is taken from the chest and moved to the shoulder. Our silicone shield wouldn’t work on the chest because it is too busy.

What are your thoughts on branding placement? We would love to know!

That’s all from Team design.