What Do You Want From A Logo?

Bunker Mentality Silicone Shield Badge Branding

Like any sport there are tour guidelines as to how big a logo can be on the chest, in golf it’s around 8cm which is pretty large. Here at Bunker Mentality, we’re trying to create 'menswear for golf'  meaning that we don't tend to apply large logos. We design our clothing to be unique and individualistic...just like you. So our logo will generally be a small silicon 'Bunker' tab on the shoulder of our polo's. If it's an overtly sporty, striped polo shirt then we may add the shield to the chest. However, as a general rule we don’t have apply chest branding. We design our golf shirts to looks stylish, and always consider the creation of the design first before applying any branding. The branding should not detract from the design. Our shirts are highly functional bringing many technical benefits to the user, but we always focus on personality before performance. 

Bunker Mentality Floral Polo Shirt Shoulder Tab Branding Logo

You will probably have noticed that we never put our brand on the collar. In our opinion, it ruins the aesthetic of the design and screams that 'golf' is uncool. We understand the tour pros wearing this kind of branding to promote their sponsors but, if you’re playing at your local club, you just want to look your best and keep things stylish and simple.

One of our challenges is that our brand name is purely about golf as that is what we do. We are devoted to golf, but also dedicated to style which requires us to be thoughtful about our use of branding  so that you can wear Bunker away from the course as well. There's nothing worse than having 18 holes and then having to go home and get changed as you feel a bit conspicuous in your golfing clobber. We want our players to enjoy their golf and then be able to go anywhere they want. Clothing that takes you from the 'first tee to last orders' in a bar. 

Bunker Mentality Core Polo White Shield Branding Chest

We are already working hard on our collection for Autumn 2021. We’re creating a wonderful knitwear collection, some of which has more of a "menswear" vibe,  which ties perfectly into this philosophy. It's the same with our trousers. People pay a lot of money for their golf clothes so it’s great to be able to wear it out and about as well as on the golf course.

We like to think that we have some adventurous shirts any of which you can wear with a pair of shorts and flip flops on holiday.

In addition, our Birdie King lifestyle collection is a great seller for us, obviously leisurewear but just as comfortable on the course. It's more about personality than performance.  By keeping our clothing relatively logo free and concerning ourselves with how good the clothes look, rather than telling everyone where you've bought your latest bit of clothing is a big part of it.