Weekend away under sad circumstances

On Friday June 6th, my best friend and I headed to Mottram Hall, Cheshire, for a 2 day golf trip at the wonderful course there. It was 2 days after my Dad passed away suddenly at the age of 63, and he was the person responsible for my love of golf. His handicap was 7, and he had played the beautiful game since he was 10 years old.

However, I felt it was fitting to head off for a golf weekend, as this is something he absolutely loved to do.

The best part about the weekend, was the compliments I received for my awesome BM gear. I made sure I wore it well, and played as well as I could. I’d like to say I played better than ever in memory of my Dad, however that wasn’t the case.

Wearing PINK is something my Dad’s mates made him do about 6-7 years ago when his handicap hit double figures. Pink sweater, pink trousers, pink personalised Footjoy shoes (which I now own), so to step on to the course on day 1 in the beautiful BM pink trousers was very fitting.

Looking forward to getting out again soon – 3 weeks is a long time to wait.