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Bunker Mentality Crowdfuning Journey

This Week in our Crowdfunding world

This week has been really emotional, with some fantastic conversations with friends of the brand, both old and new. It is fascinating to talk people through our plans and our potential, and understand the different ways that people see what we do. We are learning a lot about how we can strengthen our offer, and the perception of who we are and what we're wanting to achieve. 

It is difficult to convey how much this means to the whole team here at Bunker HQ. We have spent this week looking at strategy, and our immediate plans following a successful raise, detailing the priority skills that we will bring into the team to kick start our 5 year plan. 

We really can't wait to get going and with your support together with plans already in place for our future growth, we can really start to push forward. You're going to love what we have in store for you! 

Our Sustainable journey

We have also started to detail our sustainability policy to drive towards the use of recycled polyester in our products, as well as eliminating single use plastics wherever we can. We changed our shipping packaging to be fully recyclable around 12 months ago, but are looking to make it even easier to recycle by Introducing paper shipping bags for even less impactive on the environment. 

We will also be kickstarting a new campaign to communicate the huge benefits of our use of Polygiene on all our golf shirts. Remember that our mantra of "wear more, wash less" is great for the environment by reducing the need to wash your shirt every wear, but also, keeps you cool and fresh throughout your golfing day. 

We're hitting it hard

We’ve been blown away by the interest in our crowdfunding campaign and are delighted to share that we’ve already raised a staggering £100k with a further BIG investment confirmed this week, which will be added to our total shortly putting our current investment at £127K. This week need to raise another 50K to get our campaign live on the crowdcube public platform. This is our challenge for the week ahead. 

Please note at this point, it is simply a pledge, no money is taken from you today as that is done when we complete the campaign. Large or small, every investment is welcome and greatly appreciated. Our community has helped make our brand what it is today, and we’d love you to be part of our future.

Thank you to everyone who has already made their pledge to invest. 

On top of owning a share in Bunker Mentality, when you make an investment you’ll also enjoy benefits including 30% EIS tax relief. We’ve also added some lovely little VIP exclusive rewards - see the bottom of our pitch page for details So there’s really nothing stopping you!

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