'Very Well Known Pro' Told To Change Shirt At Prestigious Club

Here we go again, golf shooting itself in the foot by enforcing some old-fashioned dress codes. Former tour pro Ewan Porter tweeted this week that an unnamed Australian golfer, who might well be Lucas Herbert, was order to change his Adidas polo shirt because it was collarless.

Porter posted the below this week with an image of the shirt that got the player into trouble. Porter then tweeted that 'For those questioning whether said player packed up and left? No. He was playing a practice round for an upcoming event for which he was told this shirt would be ok to wear in said event. Now please enlighten me as to how on earth this makes any sense?'

The Australian Open is being played at The Victoria GC and Kingston Heath GC from December 1-4 and both clubs have historically specified that a collar should be worn. Fellow pro and one of the soundest voices in the game Mike Clayton replied to Porter's tweet, writing: 'Funny how it was acceptable 55 years ago' including images of players in similar attire from years gone by.

Earlier in the week Porter was playing with Kings of Leon drummer Nathan Followill who was told to cover up his tattoos at a 'Sydney bucket list golf course'. They then tweeted this which also made reference to an historical tweet from 2020 where Porter turned up to a premier club in Sydney in black socks which resulted in him preferring 'not to play than bow to archaic rules'.