Trials, tribulations and the unmentionables ….

Most golfers will have experienced problems with their game from time to time.  I certainly have and a trip to the driving range or sessions with my club pro normally sort out these issues really quickly.


After playing a number of rounds well within my buffer zone, last weekend saw a strokeplay competiton opportunity to play really well.

Shankoppotamus….and now I don’t know whether the next iron shot is going to go forwards or over extra cover!  It’s the random nature of the problem that is just so frustrating.


Yesterday was just a practice round, with the hope of fixing whatever was wrong.  But after 4 holes I didn’t want to ruin the rounds of my playing partners, so I retired to the practice ground to spend the time going back to basics.   Any BM ambassadors, or Bunker Pros with any advice, gratefully received….need to get it fixed before next weekend’s Monthly Medal, my trip to Druids Glen and the Club Championship in a few weeks time……HELP!

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