Tommy’s Hair, Justin’s ‘Mare, Australia Beware

Tommy Fleetwood

Fair play Tommy Fleetwood. Somehow he has finished the season as European Number 1 with his Race to Dubai victory. To be fair as well, he has been well ahead of the rest for the best part of a year, and now has enough of a bank balance to mean that he can probably afford a haircut. But let’s focus on Justin Rose.

The man looked like a sure-fire winner in Dubai; he was so far ahead of where he needed to be, playing such consistent golf. He was 9 holes away from winning for a third start in a row, ending the season as Europe’s top guy……then it all came crashing down to the Earth Course with a resounding thud. His back 9 of 38 came literally out of nowhere. Fleetwood was already sat in the cool of the clubhouse having put together his own disaster round. All he had to do was carry on like he had for the last 3 events. But now, 7 months on from his Masters heartache, Rose finds himself as the nearly man. Now I’m sure he is old enough and wise enough now to not let it affect him too much. He’s got more than enough to fill his trophy cabinet and mantelpiece, and in terms of the bigger picture, he’s number 6 in the world with a big Ryder Cup on the horizon. I wouldn’t put it past him to win again this week!

Image courtesy of European Tour

Speaking of this week….goodbye 2017 season, hello 2018 season. Its crazy how a season can end and then 3 days later begin again, this time half way around the world. The Hong Kong Open is developing into a big event now, but it almost detracts from the importance of the DP World Championship having them back-to-back. I’m not even too sure we can call it a season now. For us mere mortals, our golfing season spans from the end of March to the end of October, with a definitive off-season filled with football, Christmas and frosty greens (don’t forget your Bunker Mentality Christmas Packs! ). However, these sunshine-hungry pros that follow the good weather around all year now seem to play all year. Why not give the guys some time off? I understand it’s all to do with money; I totally get that, but why call it the start of the season? Surely the season will start in January when most of the tour pros have been in the gym long enough to work off their Christmas dinners.

It’s a packed field once more; most of the guys that shone in Dubai have made their way over to Asia. To be honest, I can’t see past Justin Rose winning. He’s the clear favourite, the man in form, and the man that everyone is talking about in the golfing world. My money will certainly be firmly on him for the weekend.

Well its all eyes on Australia. The Ashes kicks off late tonight and even stray golf balls from the locals can’t stop Stuart Broad. I wonder if he did the human thing and turned around and drilled it back at the culprit like most of us would love to do? That would have got the Aussie press going. Good luck to the boys from all at Team Bunker over the next couple of months. This coming weekend also sees the Australian Open take place, with Jordan Speith headlining the field. They might as well give him the trophy now and just sit and watch the cricket. It’s amazing how there’s so much going on in Australia at the moment (The Ashes, Australian Open…..I’m a Celebrity – let’s face it, I know you’ve been watching it!) yet no one is talking about any Australians. All the talk is about those visiting (yes even the “Celebrities” that they’ve scraped together for our “entertainment”)…..Jason Day….who’s he? Adam Scott….has anyone even seen him recently? In fact unless the Aussies do anything in The Ashes, they’ll have dropped behind the rest of the world in pretty much everything. Dare I mention the 30-6 victory in the rugby last weekend?

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Finally, brace yourself for next week’s special From the Bunker – Tiger Woods, The Return.

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