Tiger looks set to play in PGA Championship

If we've learnt anything about Tiger Woods' latest comeback it's that it's all about the big ones. At Augusta he almost came from nowhere to appear for the most publicised practice round before somehow making the cut.

By the fourth round he looked shattered, he had two rounds of 78 over the weekend, but, if it taught us anything, you could never write Tiger off. After day one plenty of us were left wondering if he could actually contend let along play the weekend.

This past week he has been to Southern Hills for another practice round ahead of this year's PGA. Woods has previously claimed that he will try to play in this one but that The Open was a banker.

"I won’t be playing a full schedule ever again, and so it’ll be just the big events. I don’t know if I’ll be able to play Southern Hills or not, but I am looking forward to St. Andrews."

But here he was, back at the venue of his 13th major win in 2007. His long-time caddie Joe LaCava didn't make the trip so he had Southern Hills director of golf Cary Cozby on the bag while Cozby’s son, Banks, who is the same age as Woods’ son, Charlie, caddied for Rob McNamara, Woods’ good friend and vice president of Tiger Woods Ventures.

Afterwards he told Golf Oklahoma a few details of the round at a course that has been changed and lengthened in recent years.

“Everything is so smooth with him now,” Cozby explained. “His rhythm is great, he hit it straight and plenty far, he pitched and putted it great. I know guys can hit it past him now, but watching him work was amazing. He’s so meticulous, detailed and immersed in what he’s doing. He was very inquisitive on lines and the best angles.

“I think he can contend. He’s like Michael Jordan late in his career, playing defence and hitting jump shots. Whoever wins here is going to have to be a great chipper and he is still that. Unless he has a setback of some kind, he’s playing. This trip was all business.”

Cozby added that Woods used a pin sheet from last year's Senior PGA Championship and putted to all four pins from that event.