The Iron Golfer: Speed Golf

Luke Willett - Speed Golf Challenge
We’ve recently teamed up with Luke ‘The Iron Golfer’ from Square Banana is a golf adventurer and a PGA pro.
Luke always looks for challenges and teaming these up with his passion for golf to bring adventures and push himself.
Luke Willett - Speed Golf Challenge
Since starting Square Banana Luke has undertaken many challenges including combining golf with a triathlon, the three peaks and speed, which is where his latest challenge came from.
On the 5th April I attempted to break the all time speedgolf low score world record at Woking Golf Club. The journey started 3 months ago when I decided to take on this audacious challenge. The challenge I hear you ask??? Play 18 holes in around 34 minutes and shoot 73 for a speedgolf score of 107 which would be a new record. In the end after a action thriller that included 3 birdies 13 of 14 fairways hit I flew round in 41 minutes and shot 80 for 121. Due to the feel good vibe of the attempt and the closeness I will give it one more go at Woking and a week later a final attempt for this summer at the British Speedgolf Champs making for a tantalising July!

Here’s some more pictures from the day
Luke Willett - Speed Golf Challenge - Fairway Shot
Luke Willett - Speed Golf Challenge - Finished
Luke Willett - Speed Golf Challenge - Chipping
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