The Hombre – A Modern Harrington jacket

One of our aims is to create future classics in golf fashion. We are not a heritage sort of brand as we look forward rather than back. Having said that, when we set out to create a new golf jacket we decided to challenge ourselves to update the classic Harrington.

The Harrington has been a fashion icon for over 50 years, worn by Steve McQueen through to the Mods who wore it in combination with Doc Martins. However, its origins are from golf. This is a very well know jacket so its was a big challenge to update and remodel whilst still keeping the essence of the original design.

The spirit of the Harrington is it’s cropped length and ribbed cuffs so designed for freedom of movement during the golf swing, with the pockets for putting golf balls in. We have retained these features as the cropped length is as relevent now as back then. This also creates a distinctive look and modern silhouette as most golf jackets fit long on the body today.

The pockets remain, not so much for golf balls but as an important design feature (bags have so many pockets we don’t think todays golfer really lacks places to put their balls!).

The major rework to update this into a modern Harrington is in the fabric we used. The original was made in 100% cotton drill fabric, the Hombre is constructed of laminated polyester weave with the ability to permit a 360 degree stretch. It is simply superb for golf. The fabric is very light weight, tremendously wind proof  and shower resistant making it a truely functional piece, so much more than the original. It has a full zip front climbing up to a neat neck collar which delivers comfort and protection aginst any weather conditions you will find yourself in.

At Bunker Mentality, we focus on the details. This jacket won’t disappoint with killer seam detailing down the front and back of the sleeves, stitch lines across the shoulder giving it a modern sportswear identity. Finished with our Bunker Mentality logo pocket details on the chest to give it a  authenticity of its own.

We are delighted with the results and it is set to become a firm favorite among Bunker afficianados. However, this is the first of the Hombre collection and is a limited edition jacket, so when its gone its gone. We hope you will love it as much as we do…’wear it well’. Available now, buy it here now.

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