The Chase Is On... with Bunker Mentality as the Final Question!



We couldn't really believe it ourselves! Last night, as the Burns Night supper was being prepared by Mrs BM, our social messages jumped into overdrive with our wonderful customers telling us that we were on ITV's "The Chase!"

Now, honestly, I had no idea what The Chase was. Apparently, according to my teenage daughter, I do need to get a grip and come out from under my rock. Over 4 million viewers a day I'm reliably informed... and there it was, the final question as the Chaser tries to beat the contestants 

The question? 

The Company, Bunker Mentality, sells clothes for what sport. 

Of course, the ruthless quiz genius knew the answer, and delivered it, with just a moments hesitation for dramatic effect. But we all knew that the audience, and of course Bradley Walsh, golf addict, knew the answer! 

A massive thank you to all that messaged us to congratulate us on our 'moment', it really was quite a bizarre couple of hours but thank you to ITV"s "The Chase" and chaser The Menace for putting our brand up in lights! 

.... and yes, the Haggis was very late getting to the table!