Summer Holiday Golf Cuba – Unapologetically Bold

Karen and I always look for a Summer Holiday destination with Golf.  We hadn’t visited Cuba before and the only 18 hole course on the island was in Varadero, so Varadero it was!  There is a 9 hole course near Havana and another on a military base which is off limits!

And we are Unapologetically Bold!

Purple paisley in Paradise

The course was part parkland, hit it hard, find it…..part links, windy and don’t hit it left into the sea…..and part lakes, think your way round the water.  We enjoyed it, the temperature was 35 deg and the Bunker  shirt certainly did its job in all departments.

The water hazard on the 8th!

The transport to and from the course was a high point too and as Unapologetically Bold as the Bunker outfits we all know so well.  In fact it might be worth the Bunker team looking at Cuba for their next photo shoot, they have a taxi for every colour in the current catalogue.

Taxi for Scott, Varadero GC?

We matched the taxi to your shirt Bob!

And we are Unapologetically Bold!

There are plans to build 4-5 more holiday golf courses on the island in the coming years so Cuba will have a lot more choice in future, we will be back.

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