Stuart from Strathaven GC looks great & feels great

Strathaven Golf Club

During a meeting last November with Brian, Bunker’s Sales Director, Stuart Kerr, Head Professional, Strathaven GC set himself a challenge. Stuart’s goal was to shed some weight so that by the start of the 2018 season he would be able to wear a pair of 34’’ trousers from our fantastic new collection.

So over the long harsh winter, Stuart embarked on his challenge with the focus and determination you expect from a professional sportsman. He consulted with the experts to make sure that he followed the right programme; in Stuart’s case, Alevere therapy which is offered by a clinic in Glasgow. It was a lifestyle change, encompassing food and exercise plans.

The results speak for themselves. Stuart has reached his target weight and is now a trim 14 stone which represents over 3 stone loss since he embarked on his challenge. He tells us that he has increased energy and confidence and that his goal now is to maintain his weight by being eating and drinking sensibly. He’ll still have the occasional pint I’m sure, especially to toast his beloved St Mirren’s success. But there is no doubt that the past few months have changed Stuart’s life – both on and off the course. Footnote – we do offer trousers up to a size 42” waist but don’t tell Stuart that.

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