Craig Stadler aces par 3 with driver

There will be sceptics but supposedly this happened at a charity event this week – the 1982 Masters champion Craig Stadler holed out with a driver from 169 yards but, given he is a pro, he was exempt from receiving a prize of $1m cash.

The 68-year-old hit a punch shot which, from a different camera, showed the ball landing beyond the cup and trickling back down and underground.

Dan Boever, who was running the event at Quarry Oaks, said: "He hadn’t hit a ball in 18 months. He’s 68. The hole was 169 yards. 24 groups at 100% with a 6 iron or 25% with a driver for 5 hours of hitting. Way easier on the body. But #1 - which is more impressive, hitting a 6 iron or a driver close from that yardage? ppl loved it."

He later tweeted that there was no clever editing and that it was genuine -  

"Confirmed. Witnessed by 10 people on the tee box and spotters behind the green. All the regular players had a $1,000,000 hole-in-one shot. Obviously Craig's didn't count."

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