Snow Golf and Ridiculous Rules

Well its been a quiet week in the golfing world hasn’t it…..unless your name is @bmbunkerstyle (see above). Certainly locally I’m not sure many people will have managed to get out on the course much, not unless they’ve swapped their trolley for a sleigh or are so organised for Christmas that they’ve already done all their shopping, visited those distant relatives that you only see once a year to deliver presents to, and are completely fed up of Christmas films already.

I would class myself as a fairly keen golfer, but I see no appeal in trying to play when there’s a good covering of snow. No level of waterproofness in shoes or luminous coloured balls is going to change my mind. The only round objects I’ll be teeing up will be numerous orange flavoured chocolate balls that sometimes need a swift tap with the putter to break them up. (head to 0:49 to see exactly what I mean!)

One story coming out of the golfing world this week is that as of early next year, rules decisions can no longer be highlighted from people ringing in at home that are watching on TV. Most famously this was shown during the 2013 Masters when Tiger Woods (felt like after the last couple of weeks I needed to mention him to keep him relevant) took a drop from the wrong place. A viewer at home (or a do-gooder/former rules official), who clearly can’t have been watching properly, then phoned up and highlighted this mistake. I’m sorry but if I’m sat at home watching Tiger hit the pin then seeing his ball ricochet back into the water, I’m concentrating fully on picking my jaw back up off the floor, I don’t care if he took a drop that was inches from where it should have been. I’m surprised its actually taken so long for them to change this rule, its not like any other sport has it. Golf is, and always should be, a self-governed game.

Something else to look forward to next year is the Race to Dubai 2018 Fantasy League on the European Tour website. I’ve never actually done this before, to be honest I’ve never really heard of it before! It’d be quite nice if we could get a Team Bunker league running for the upcoming season, just to give it a bit more of a competitive edge….I shall set up a league soon for you all to join.

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