Ryder Cup still has it’s individual style

With the Ryder cup coming ever closer the anticipation is building. Who will be paired with who, what tactics will the captains take but the big question we want to know is what will they be wearing?

Sunday's outfit for USA

BunkerWorld will be keeping a close eye on the two teams. Monty said a long time ago that he had already sorted out the colours for each day’s play. Corey Pavin will reveal his team’s colours during the Tour Championship but rumours are, that on Sunday USA will be in all black. This picture has been revealed by some US newspapers. And that’s what got me thinking, with so many individual styles on tour these days I look back on some of the best (and worst) fashion mistakes in Ryder Cup history. Payne Stewart – The charismatic American always knew how to turn heads on the golf course. His famous plus-fours were known world-wide. It was his way of keeping the traditions in the game.  Also famed for wearing his heart on his sleeve he was certainly a tough competitor. His patriotism went over the top sometimes as once he was quoted talking about the European Ryder Cup team saying: ” They should be caddying for us.” But it was all in the game, as he was known to be one of the nicest men in golf. Unfortunately his life was cut short in October 1999, a month after his last Ryder Cup appearance. A plane crash at the age 42 took one of the best personalities from the game. Stewart represented USA five times (1987, 89, 91, 93 and 1999) and he wasn’t going to let that stop him getting his plus four’s on. Jesper Parnevik – The distinctive and eccentric Swede was one of Europe’s favourite players. His individual style in most certainly that. The turned up peak of his cap revealed his sponsor on tour but come the Ryder Cup it was the Ryder logo. Known as ‘Spaceman’ on tour not because he his out of this world but as he lives in Jupiter, Florida the name is apt for him. We saw this on three Ryder Cup’s (1997, 99 and 2002) where he was on the winning side twice. The Sunday Outfit, USA 1999 – I’ve put this one in here as it is possibly the worst shirt ever to be seen at a Ryder Cup, followed closely by the European peach colour at Kiawah Island. The horrendous dark red with what seemed to be picture frames all over it was a big mistake. Captain Ben Crenshaw what were you thinking?! I’d love to know what the reaction was in the locker room when they first saw that! And so that brings me to this year. Will Rickie Fowler wear his traditional flat peak New Era style cap? Will Rory or Bubba get a hair cut? I’m thinking Captain Monty will be very reserved in his colours. Expect a lot of blue and white and not much pattern. Captain Pavin on the other hand may spring a surprise, so watch out. I think the traditional red top with stripes will be out in force as per usual but we will have to wait and see. Not long now and I certainly can’t wait!

David Duval in THAT top

Adam Smith BunkerWorld Editor

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