Ryder Cup #bunkerstyle

Its here at last, the big one which is more like a football match than a golf event. Maybe thats why it is so popular, even outside golf.  It seems like only a few months ago at the Medinah Country Club 2012 where the European Team started the first day wearing pistachio green. That colour choice compelled us to make comment in our article ‘The Colour of Winning‘.  We couldn’t understand why any sports winner would wear such a passive colour. Since then, we regularly create Bunker Mentality outfits in new dress code to  show our thinking on dressing competitive sportsmen…in style and in positive and winning colours.

So here we are again. It is 2014 at Gleneagles and as you can see we have again created our own Bunker Mentality outfits for each of the three days Ryder Cup. We believe that colour is vital and can help create a competitive and winning edge. Red is strong and is known to stimulate the fight or flight instinct. Blue is an intellectual colour stimulating clear thought and aid concentration. Green, however, is about balance and harmony, important traits of course… but you need to get into a winning position first before these come to the fore.

Our 2014 outfits are a combination of dynamic colours of hot pink, bunker blue, bright navy and a little grey marl for balance. Bold strong graphic energy comes through on caps, with shirt branding and attention to detail throughout every single product. At Bunker we believe that how someone dresses is a good indication of how much they want out of life. These outfits would confirm a team wanting to dress well, with style and focused on winning in golf, as in life.  Life’s way too short not to ‘make the effort’…#bunkerstyle



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