REVIEWED: Bunker Golf Lifestyle Sweatshirts

In (very) recent years it feels like we’re finally moving in the right direction in terms of dress codes and the game’s archaic pointers. The hoodie has been the headline and, in a relatively short space of time given how long most of us have questioned the game’s quirks, they have now become de rigueur - practice rounds are played in them, tournament rounds are played in them and, on the grandest stages of the majors and Ryder Cup, the hoodie has been front and centre.

After the initial intake of breath from some, nothing’s changed in the slightest and, hopefully, a few younger faces now view golf as a bit less stuffy and club golfers all over the world feel like they can wear what they want to play their favourite pastime.

At Bunker Mentality we have a section called ‘Lifestyle’ which are all the pieces that you’ll wear around the house, at the driving range, down the pub or, if you don’t play golf, would likely appeal the most. They’re cool, youthful and suit a wide range of tastes and ages.

Most of us have a collection of sweatshirts in the cupboard, they go with everything, don’t require a lot of looking after and, basically, just do the job. I generally don’t want to wear a mid layer that screams golf when I take the kids to school or when I’m trudging round Sainsbury’s but I’m never happier than when I’m doing something or anything related to golf and this quietly ticks a mental box.  

These days we’re not all stuck in offices as we might have been historically, we’re working from home, from cafes, from golf clubs and are generally working and living more flexible lifestyles. Which, whisper it gently, allows for some more golf time and more chance for a sneaky nine holes.

I’ve had the navy blue Birdie King Sweatshirt for a couple of months now and it’s been on holiday with me, has rarely been off me and, these days, I play golf in it. As much as I like to think I’m forward thinking and open-minded I have a very set collection of clothes for golf and the same bits come out to play when the clubs come out. 

Now, more often than not, I play golf in a sweatshirt which is a) one of the warmest items I have (it’s 100 per cent organic cotton) b) is certainly one of the coolest and c) it goes with everything. I’m 50 now and have played golf for 40 years but, for some bizarre reason, I’ve never ventured down the sweatshirt route to play golf in.

This says far too much about me but small chunks of my golfing life revolve around adjusting my clothing and the rib hem cuff means it just sits right. There are no surprises with the fit and it washes great. In another part of my wardrobe are a small collection of sweatshirts which have quickly become bent out of shape but this remains as good as new.

This doesn’t scream golf but says Bunker. Try it, you’ll love it.