Range Rovers dress code

We see lots of people down at the driving range wearing t-shirt and polo shirts but they are not golf related …just random ‘so what shirts’. So we think it time to establish a ‘new dress code’ for Range Rovers. Like other parts of your golf game you need to get the right gear that will inspire you to ‘greatness’ during your practise. Our Club House range are the perfect gear, shirts with lots attitude and self belief featuring great golf slogans and sayings which use when playing such as ‘bad mutha putta’ ‘hit it hard, go find it, hit it hard, again’!  By embellishing these polo’s it gives us a product we can wear on the course, at the driving range of at the 19th hole…and beyond. Golf is a cool sport and we intend to let people know this through design and our products.

Life really is too short to be wearing boring cloths.


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