Rahm Denies New LIV Rumour

For one moment this week it looked like LIV Golf might be making its biggest signing yet. The World No. 6 Jon Rahm was linked with a mind-blowing switch to LIV after a Twitter account 'LIV Golf Insider' claimed that the Spaniard was on his way to joining his countryman Sergio Garcia and co.

It read: 'My #LIVGolf source just confirmed with me John Rahm to LIV INV is indeed a GO. I’ve never been wrong about a LIV signing. Just look at my track record. PGA Tour is on the ropes.'

All this came after Rahm's insistence that he would be staying loyal to the PGA Tour with his legacy his biggest thrill as opposed to money.

Rahm, who isn't the biggest tweeter, then replied, shutting down the rumours: 'I must inform you that you have started a losing streak because you and your source are wrong. I want to thank you for the lift in the PIP.'

The PIP of course is the end-of-season pay-out for gathering the most eyeballs on social media and the like.

The Guardian's golf correspondent Ewan Murray also poured a load of cold water on the notion of it by adding 'I am reliably told by people I’d trust that this is utter nonsense'.

The only semblance of doubt that Rahm has suggested over the PGA Tour's new way ahead is that they might need to change their policy over players, particularly the Europeans, having to play in 20 tournaments.

"If we have to play all those 20, then yeah, a hundred percent [it's asking more of Europeans]. I wouldn't be surprised if that changes, because that puts me in a difficult position having to play – if I go play in Europe in the fall like I'm going to, I have to play from January until August 20 times. I think this is my 17th from January and I don't think I could add any more," he explained at the Tour Championship.

"So especially with Ryder Cup and having to play four in Europe, I think it's a bit of an ask, and I wouldn't be surprised if they revise a bit of a rule or make an exception for some players. But if they do it for players like me and Rory, they might have to do it for everybody."

There was also a mention of Rory McIlroy and Tiger Woods holding all the power which some took as a bit of a criticism when it was more likely a stating of the obvious.

As for the overall LIV package the 27-year-old was pretty adamant that the LIV format wasn't for him.

"To be honest, part of the format is not really appealing to me. Shotgun three days to me is not a golf tournament, no cut. It’s that simple. I want to play against the best in the world in a format that’s been going on for hundreds of years. That’s what I want to see."

The Twitter account tried to have the last word with this but it seems that Rahm won't be going anywhere soon.