Norton Zipper – To Brand or Not To Brand?

Bunker Mentality Norton Wind Navy Golf Jackets

We love the Norton Wind Jacket at Bunker HQ. The lightweight woven jacket is perfect to play golf in or wear beyond the course.

The smart Navy colouring makes this the perfect multi-functional jacket for all occasions including away from the course.

One of the massive selling points of the Norton is all of the fabric technology that we incorporate into all of products and especially into the outerwear.

The lightweight padded woven front with wind resistance keeps your body warm and protected while out playing. The high build neck with full length zip and placket cover also adds the extra element of wind protection around your neck.

The close fit of the arm and cuffs provide comfort and the full range of mobility you need while making your swing.

On or off the course the two zippered pockets provide storage space for tee pegs, scorecard, pitchfork and all the other accessories you need.

Bunker Mentality Norton Wind Navy Golf Jackets

 Bunker Mentality Norton Wind Navy Golf Jackets - Technology Logos

We have listened to our customer feedback for minimal branding for we produced a new version of our Norton Jacket without the Bunker Mentality brand name on the chest and discreet silicone shield on the back of the neck instead.

You still get the flash of Bunker style with the brands Navy, Bunker Blue and Pink colouring on the back neck.

Which is you look? Branded or non-branded

Bunker Mentality Norton Wind Navy Golf Jackets

Beyond the course the Norton looks fantastic if you are heading out for dinner, shopping or a morning in the park with the kids. Combine the Norton with a pair or jeans and you get a multi functional jacket to offer multiple looks making it the go to jacket for when you need one.

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