New restrictions on green-reading books

This has been coming for a while - as from January 1 2022 the PGA Tour will reduce the amount of info available to players and caddies with a proposed rule that will only allow the use of 'committee approved' yardage books.

In a memo sent to players the new books will include only “general information on slopes and other features” instead of the more detailed green-reading books that are currently being used.

"Handwritten notes that could assist with reading the line of play on the putting green will continue to be allowed in the approved book," the memo reads. "However, such notes will be restricted to those made by the player or caddie and must be derived from the experiences or any observations of a ball rolling on a green. This includes observations from a TV broadcast."

And NOT by caddies and players simply referring to their old books which will be a tricky one to govern.

As things stand this only applies to the PGA Tour though we can expect the others to all follow suit in the near future.

“The purpose of this local rule is to return to a position where players and caddies use only their skill, judgment and feel along with any information gained through experience, preparation, and practice to read the line of play on the putting green,” the memo read.

Also it will also prohibit the use of 'any device to test the conditions of the putting green'.

The hope is that it will bring back some of the skills around the hole and to speed up play, time will tell.