New Bags 15

Two new golf bags this season and they are both signature Bunker Mentality pieces.  The first is the Bunker Camo bag which is light weight (2.4 kg) with strong, padded carry straps and 7 way divider head. The colour is Bunker Blue with a full on camo print on the large front pocket and our Stella logo on the ball pocket. This is a very cool stand bag by any measure.

To follow is the Bunker Mentality logo bag in bright navy, Bunker blue and hot pink which will match perfectly with our CMax Events Polo and  Playa Zipper topped off with a Playa cap creating a very coordinated ‘Game Day’ outfit. The spec is the same as the Camo bag with some great graphic prints on the ball pockets.

These are both really very stylish golf bags which will complement any Bunker Mentality ‘Game Day’ outfit you put together.

Both bags have the following

  • 7-Way divider system with 5 zippered pockets and water bottle cooler pocket
  • Lightweight durable nylon fabric weight 2.44 kgs
  • Wide shoulder straps and strong but soft grip handle
  • Velcro glove holder and towel holder
  • Triangular non slip foot pads with leg lock straps
  • Matching rain hood

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