Money talks, but style doesn’t have to

Bunker Mentality Style Matters

What do you see here? If you said six world class golfers you would be absolutely spot on, but look closer. What do Rickie, Jon and Rory share that Seve, Greg and Jack don’t? The same style and the same colours.

Here at Bunker Mentality we believe that whilst money talks, style doesn’t have to. 

In this day and age, the TOUR golfer will have an outfit organised for him by their various sponsors. More often than not it will be neutral and monotone. It seems gone are the days of the button down cardigan and the Faldo-esque graphic jumpers paired with some checked plus fours.

We argue this, bring back some vibrancy, bring back some bold styles and bring back that bit of character. Style in golf is as important and as much a part of the game as launch angle and Old Tom Morris. Expressing yourself in a way you feel comfortable doing so doesn’t mean you have to wear monotonous colour-ways to be like a pro, it also means you can stand out from the crowd and make a statement. Think about how many headlines Justin Thomas grabbed last year when he wore a button down cardigan and a tie to match, it seemed like everyone forgot he was a golfer. The outfit was different, stylish and quirky and it also got the golf world talking.

Be your own person, be your own golfer. We’re not saying go out and wear bright colours just to make a point, wear colours and a style that suits you and don’t feel inclined to follow a certain trend if its not you. Instead of a white, grey or black polo shirt why not go for something with a little bit of pattern and design, a paisley number or a block colour style which we offer at Bunker Mentality.

Since the millennium its the only real period of time until present day where we don’t see a golfing style being matched up to that time. ’50s-era golf — men in smart pleats, polos and Kangol-styleberets. The ’60s? Arnold Palmer cool. The ’70s? Plaids. The ‘80s and ‘90s? Visors, chunky knits and cardigans.

Style and fashion was huge in golf previously but as the Tiger Woods train got rolling, more and more professionals started sweating it out at the gym, smashing balls at the range 300 yards on the fly and constantly tweaking their equipment. Golf was now a sport and quirky designs and style had been left. Apparel companies, meanwhile, entered a similar arms race, chasing that ever-
elusive technology that kept you from sweating over a six-footer in triple-degree temperatures.

Even creating layer upon layer of fabric and intertwining everything in-between in a jacket to make sure that minus ten wind chill battering you on the links felt more like plus ten. Many labels became focused on functionality, and forgot that golf, at its core, is a sport that has always valued style.

At Bunker we always holds style and design along with that comfort and functionality aspect right up there at the top of the list. If you’re after a great design in your golf gear that oozes personality and a sense of uniqueness then look no further.

Devoted to golf, dedicated to style.