McIlroy 'so sick' of talk of any Saudi Golf League

This year there has been growing speculation over the proposed Saudi Golf League and rumours have been flying around about who is and who isn't involved. One latest suggestion is that all will be revealed at the week of The Players, which would be the ultimate timing at the PGA Tour's flagship event, now that the breakaway circuit is up to 20 players.

When asked (again) what he thought, Rory McIlroy was more withering than ever.

"Oh, I'm so sick of it," McIlroy said. "Curious, I don't know if I'm curious, but yeah, look, I guess I'm intrigued who would, certainly for the younger guys, like it just seems a massive risk and I can maybe make sense of it for the guys that are getting to the latter stages of their career, for sure.

"I don't think that's what a rival golf league is really, that's not what they're going to want, is it? They don't want some sort of league that's like a pre-Champions Tour. I guess I understand the financial part of it for guys that are later on in their career. You look at the people that have already said no, Rahm, No. 1 in the world, Collin Morikawa, myself. Like you've got the top players in the world are saying no, so that has to tell you something."

Interestingly he told Golf Digest that the money shouldn't be the factor that it undoubtedly is.

“I’ve lived it, for the top guys, all that money really isn’t going to change their life. I’m in a way better financial position than I was a decade ago and my life is no different. I still use the same three, four rooms in my house. I just don’t see the value in tarnishing a reputation for extra millions.”

PGA Tour player Kramer Hickok was as revealing as anyone to date when he joined the Stripe Show podcast.

"You’re going to see a lot of big names jump over there. I think there’s already been 17 guys that have jumped over, and I can’t say who they are, but there’s going to be some big names going over there. From what I’ve heard the money’s very, very appealing. You’re only gonna have 12-14 events.

"Those events are gonna have purses. You’re not going to have to deal with missing a cut anymore; there’s only going to be 40 players. And 10 of those 14 events will be in the States. Signing bonuses, huge, huge purses – it’s going to be very appealing for some of these guys."