Mark Townsend reviews his own Cmax Chase golf polo

Previously, if I had seen this Cmax Chase Golf Shirt  on a hanger I think it would probably have stayed there. I wear all these colours in my golfing life but never together. I don’t want to stand out and I rely predominantly on 50 shades of blue and occasionally venture into pink. I tell myself that I’m adventurous given that I like the latter but I’m not really and it won’t be long before I start looking at a collection of grey garments.

For the past couple of months, and particularly on really hot days, I will now get this off the rail. First and foremost, it’s so comfortable on the rare occasions that we get some scorching days, you could easily wear it for 36 holes without fear of it not being overly friendly in the odour department and it’s so light and easy to swing in.

And it fits which, for whatever reason, is such a rarity. I’m 6”4 and XL, not overly tubby but I do need more than an L without wanting it to swim around on me. And now, after a handful of washes, it still fits the same as it did the first time and the colours are as vibrant as they were the first time.

But the real kicker about this polo shirt is the collar. It features a button-down collar which is perfect for when you’re wearing it underneath some sort of mid layer but, in my head, it really comes to life when you unbutton the collar and wear it undone. Because it’s able to retain its shape there is more than a hint of the 1970s about it, with a flare to the collar, and it sits perfectly with the shirt buttons down. It’s really cool and now I just see it as smart and, given it’s a white base polo, it goes with everything in your wardrobe.