MacDonald Hotels Now Stock Bunker Mentality

Did you know you can find Bunker Mentality stock in five different Macdonald Hotel & Golf Resorts around the UK? No? Well let’s take a closer look!

MacDonald Cardrona Golf Resort

Whether you’re visiting friends in Northern Scotland at the Aviemore Resort or taking a well-deserved golf break at the Hill Valley Resort in Shropshire, you’ll now be able to spot some of your Bunker Mentality favourites on the walls of their golf shops.

MacDonald Portal Golf Resort

All of the Golf Resorts boast top quality golf courses ideal for that weekend away with friends, whilst also catering for larger corporate occasions.

Take a look at their resorts and see if you can bag yourself a nice little break before the end of the season:

If anyone from #TeamBunker finds themselves at one of these resorts, we’d love to see a picture of you (obviously you’ll be kitted out in your Bunker Mentality outfits!!).

MacDonald Spain Golf Resort

P.S They’ve also got hotels in Spain and Portugal…..we keep on trying to persuade the Bunker Bosses that we need to do a site visit……