Lowry: 'You don’t look at your winner’s cheque'

Shane Lowry does a lot of things well, one of which is good old-fashioned plain speaking. The 2019 Open champion said what most of us are thinking when he explained his thoughts on the breakaway LIV Golf series.

The good news is that Lowry has no interest in the new circuit and he spoke for many when he explained that he's become quite bored of the whole things.

"Every player who's not there and not signed up to it has absolutely had it up to here with talking about it," Lowry told Sky Sports. "It's all anyone talks about, no matter where you go, no matter where you are on the golf course and it’s nice just to get back to your hotel or your house in the evening and get away from it. But even at that, you have a few people you end up talking about again. It’s not that it’s a worrying time for golf, but I don’t know what way it’s going to go."

Lowry has won twice on the PGA Tour, the win at Portrush and a WGC at Bridgestone, and he's quite happy to continue in the States as well as a few events in Europe.

"For me, I've played on the PGA Tour and DP World Tour and that’s what I’m going to do. I've been lucky enough to give my family a life I never thought was possible from playing a game of golf. I’m happy with what I’ve got there. Who knows who’s going to be the next player to sign up? But I know it’s not going to be me. That’s where I am with the whole thing."

Rory McIlroy was the latest player to win on the PGA Tour with his victory in Canada and that made more of an impression on Lowry than the millions of dollars being thrown at Charl Schwartzel at Centurion.

"What Charl won at the weekend, fair play to him, but I would rather win Rory’s tournament. You win this tournament this week (the US Open), you don’t look at your winner’s cheque. You look at that trophy with all those names on it and that’s what golf is about."