Lowry: Rahm Will Be Fine For The 2025 Ryder Cup

If you want some good old-fashioned common sense then Shane Lowry is a good starting point. In all his time he has very rarely, if at all, ever just spoken to keep someone happy, rather he just says what's on his mind.

This week Lowry was speaking at the press conference ahead of next year's Irish Open at Royal County Down and it wasn't long before the topic of his Ryder Cup team-mate Jon Rahm's move to LIV Golf.

"There’s no smoke without fire so we all thought he must be going,” Lowry explained. "[I wasn’t] surprised, as I am not surprised by anything at the minute. It is what it is now, it’s just mad to think we won’t be playing against Jon Rahm until the Masters. He won’t be rocking up to Riviera, Bay Hill, the Players, all the big tournaments on the PGA Tour.

“It’s just mad to think that. I am just hopeful it all irons itself out soon, and we will be back playing together again soon. I don’t know when that will be but hopefully soon.”

We'll be hearing a lot less from the Spaniard now that he's defected and, whatever we do hear, will be fairly well (or badly) scripted.

“I think what Jon said about growing the game and stuff that’s obviously what they have to say. They’ve signed on the dotted line. They’ve been told by the communications team that this is what you say when you’re asked this and you have no other choice really because they own you now.

“I don’t know if it’s been damaging (to golf’s image) but people who have spent their hard-earned money going out to join a golf club and buy golf clubs and play golf for the weekend, it’s tough for them to listen to the guy who’s already worth whatever say he has to do this to put food on the table for his wife and kids.”

As for the Ryder Cup it's almost unthinkable that Rahm won't be at Bethpage Black as Europe look to retain the trophy. Lowry was a central figure in Rome, either on the course or away from it where he either acted as a cheerleader or bodyguard for Rory McIlroy. And he isn't too worried about the Spaniard's whereabouts in September 2025.

Again, another dose of common sense while a lot of people are flapping about.

“The reason they (Ian Poulter, Sergio Garcia or Lee Westwood) couldn’t play Ryder Cup was because they resigned their membership. There were certain players that would have been able to make the team if they played good enough but they just didn’t. I am sure Rahmbo can play well enough to make the team, so if he doesn’t resign his membership, he can still make the team.”