LIV golfers welcome - PGA of Australia

In among the swirling rumours of LIV Golf the biggest at present is that Cam Smith will soon sign up with the breakaway circuit for upwards of $100m - there is talk of the Aussie joining up after the FedEx Cup Playoffs, a series that he may well win which would be a terrible look for the PGA Tour. It would also mean that he would miss the Presidents Cup which would be another kick in the tour's guts.

The other rumours are that there will be two LIV and one Asian Tour event Down Under which is no real surprise it's being headed up by Greg Norman and that they need big names to come and ply their trade these days. Which is why any home-based players will be welcome to play in home events, such as the Australian Open and Australian PGA Championship, as long as there's no other event happening at the time - something you would imagine LIV will steer clear of.

"The players coming home to play, as long as there is no conflicting event they will be welcome to play," PGA of Australia CEO Gavin Kirkman said. "The Australian players that come home from wherever they're playing at the moment, if they're members of our organisation they'll be eligible to play and that's been discussed with the other tours."

LIV Golf and the Asian Tour entered into a strategic partnership earlier this year and launched the International Series which brought in a $300m investment over the next 10 years. And LIV now looks set to bring the International Series to Australia with Asian Tour members being provided with a pathway to the riches of the LIV world.

"Some people are going to love it and some people aren't, but if it comes to Australia we've got to be in a position where we stay focused on our strategy," Kirkham added. "Is it going to be good for the game? What I don't want and what I don't like to hear about and read about at the moment is people arguing what is good for the game and what is not. If (fans) get out and see some golf under a different format, that's up to them."