Koepka On... Slow Play And Choking At Augusta

Now that we're hearing less of the Brooks Koepka-Bryson DeChambeau supposed spat the latter is becoming more and more of a good listen.

Koepka, who was tied for second at Augusta in April, has always been an advocate of playing the game at the right pace. At The Masters he made mention of how slow group in front (Hovland and Cantlay) were on the Sunday and he was open and honest in his press conference at this week's PGA Championship.

"It's never quick. I was talking about it when I was on the PGA Tour too, so I'm not afraid to talk about it. There's a lot of guys out here that take their time. I think it is a problem. Technically in the rule book it says you have 40 seconds to hit your shot. I think that's what it is. If you are taking over, technically you're breaking the rules, right?"

We all know that a fine isn't going to be anywhere near as effective as adding a shot or two to a player's score and the American was fully in favour of hitting people where it hurts, their scorecard.

"Honestly, I would start stroking guys. If you are going to take that long, you have to get stroked. There are certain circumstances where the wind switches, something like that, it's understandable, but taking a while is I just think unnecessary.

"That's why they've got the pitch clock (in baseball), right? Technically I think you saw DP, they did a shot clock event. I can't remember if anybody got clocked for it, but it would be interesting to see. I know if you follow guys around with a stopwatch this week, there will be plenty of guys that are over time but I can't remember the last time anybody was stroked. I remember the little kid at Augusta. I don't know if anybody has been stroked since. There are some guys that probably definitely could be stroked."

As for that runner-up spot at Augusta Koepka explained that it had caused him some concern, at least for a few days.

"I reflected all Sunday night. I didn't sleep Sunday night just trying to figure out what exactly it was. Thought about it for a few days after and really honed in on what I was doing and what went wrong.

"From there, just never let it happen again. That's the whole goal, right? Yeah, it sucks to finish second, but at the same time, as long as you learn from it, you'll be fine. I think I've finished fourth in, what, four or five majors now. Just trying to learn from each one of them."

The four-time major winner had led by four at one point and he said on the Barstool podcast that he had choked the tournament away.

"I'm just messing around with those boys. Those boys are quite fun. Part of my taste. They were thinking it if I didn't say it, so you might as well get it out there right away first so they can't say anything.

"Theoretically, yes, it is choking, right? If you have a lead and cough it up, that's choking. But at the same time, I'm not dwelling on it. I've been in the lead, that position a couple of times and haven't capitalised. I can't do it every single time. I'm not perfect. As long as I can learn from it, I'll be better off from it."