Is Spieth’s putting set to get even better?

Jordan Spieth is generally regarded as one of, if not the best putters in the game. Time and again he's rolled in putts from everywhere, most notably at the 2017 Open where he finished like a train at Royal Birkdale.

Now his long-time caddy Michael Greller has been taking a crash course in AimPoint. Put simply AimPoint is a quick way to read the break on a putt using a three-step system which includes standing facing the hole and estimating the amount of slope in your putt by using your feet to feel the slope on a scale – generally most use a scale between 0 to 6. Then you use your arm and fingers to determine where to aim your putt – the amount of slope you felt is the number of fingers you should hold up on that side of the hole.

Then you start the putt at your chosen target at the correct pace.
Plenty use it on every tour around the world and Dustin Johnson and his brother/caddy Austin used it in some style when running away with the 2020 Masters.

Now Greller has been picking Austin Johnson's brains as well as meeting John Graham, Justin Thomas' putting coach, for a few pointers.

“I told him I try to look for an edge,” Spieth said. “It would be cool to gain a little edge by learning a skill you don’t have. In the past I would do TrackMan seminars, stuff that here or there could mean a stroke.”