Hi there,

Just want to say how delighted I was to be chosen as a new Bunker Ambassador for 2016.  My name is John Hendry and I am currently living in Pakistan at the British High Commission.  Play a lot of my golf here in Islamabad where we have 5 courses to choose from.  The standard of course varies from decent to the sublime and all pose a different challenge of golf.

I also play my golf in the UK and Thailand when I am on relief from Islamabad.  My personal favourite is Black Mountain Golf Course where Scott Hend won a fantastic True Thailand Classic last week.  It was also great to watch the big boys on a course I have played and it lets you know just how far away from these guys amateurs like me actually are. I’m not entirely sure they play the same game.

Black Mountain 2015


I am back in the UK this week where I will be picking up my new Bunker Style and have a special treat lined up (more about that next week).  When I’m home, I will be getting in plenty of golf from around the UK although I will have to get used to wearing long trousers again.

Anyway, enough from me for now. looking forward to my long flight home and I will be knackered by the time I get there but I’m still looking forward to it.







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