If At First You Don't Succeed

Its safe to say that we all hold the top professional golfers in the world on a pedestal. With the worldwide, wall-to-wall coverage available, they are modern day celebrities to those in the golfing world. We also know the power that social media has, and how much of an influence it has over day to day living.

One golf fan in America took to social media to message top professional golfer Max Homa asking him for a game of golf.....and he did this for 25 straight days! Finally, his persistence (or annoyance) paid off when Max finally replied and agreed to a game.

Max Homa Tweet Golf Fan

Having finally run out of excuses, Max has agreed to a game with this superfan during his downtime, which seems like a really great and genuine way of giving back to fans. It just shows that these great athletes with all their money are still humans at the end of the day.