'I’m going to go because it’s the British Open but I certainly thought about not going'



If we suddenly see a number of players not making the trip to the Open Championship then we’ll probably know why – despite the recent announcement that 32,000 fans will be allowed in each day.

A message from the R&A to players, caddies and coaches states that anyone on different teams ie everyone will not be allowed to stay together.

“The up-to-four persons [regulation] within private rental accommodation must be included within the players’ own support group. For example, multiple players or multiple caddies are not permitted to share private self accommodation. We recognise this is difficult for many that used to share during the championship but the Government’s strict contact tracing requirements mean that this will not be possible in 2021.”

And anyone outside the ‘buddy’ group won’t be allowed to visit other self-catering private accommodation.

One American player, speaking to GolfWeek, explained that he had considered not travelling over.

“I’m going to go because it’s the British Open. But I certainly thought about not going. I just can’t believe with the numerous examples of successfully run safely held tournaments and majors here that they can’t figure out a better situation. If someone on your plane tests positive and is sitting anywhere close to you, you’re out no questions asked, no matter if you’re vaccinated.

"It’s aggravating that they deem the tournament safe enough for 32,000 fans a day to attend, but won’t let a player’s wife, children travel and watch the tournament, nor will they even let players visit a restaurant without threat of disqualification.”