How to create a new collar design

Continuing the insight into the design process, here is the creation of a new collar design.

Great designs don't just happen, they take time. Sometimes, we go through lots of permutations to get the garment as we want it to. It takes weeks, depending on the size of the collection and also the level of interest to be created in each garment.

Our design philosophy is very much about using dynamic colours because life is to short to wear dull clothing. We create graphic energy through stripes and patterns on a garment but the collar on a polo shirts is also a key area. 

The video above shows how we go over different options on how to add stripes to a simple collar to  enhance the polo shirts style and make it fit with the rest of the garment and within the collection. This applies to every polo shirt. Even those with plain collars will have been tested on the computer with different collar designs before we may decide that a plain collar works best for a particular style.  As you can imagine this takes weeks and lots of discussion and changes back and forth...all to get the best looking polo we can. 

Of course we realise that style and choice of polo are different for everyone and we try to create something for everyone.