How to build your ‘Game Day’ outfit

Game Day Outfits
This is not always easy for everyone, some people ask their better half, some may ask a best friend and others just have a go and work on trial and error. We have put together some simple guidelines to help those who are keen to put together a good ‘game day’ outfit, its really not that difficult.


When you look good, you feel good. When you feel good, you do everything better including golf. Unlike team sports, golf doesn’t have a ‘strip’ or a ‘uniform’ its about the individual and that allows for a lot of freedom of choice. Also, like most good things in life, dressing well and with some style shows your still a player in the great game of life as well as the game of golf.


This is the key piece, the statement which sets the tone for the outfit so its important to make an effort on this. If you are looking to create a understated yet confident style statement chose something like an Events Polo. There are five colours in this shirt for a good reason, it has great details like offset placket giving a flash of colour, and contrast tipping on the collars. It says ‘I’m tired of blending in’ so I’m making a statement in a thoughtful and stylish way. This is a very popular polo shirt for these reasons.

Alternatively if your mentality is more confident and “I’m going out today to rock it’ then maybe step it up into something truly Bunker and unapologetically bold like the CMax Side Stripe Polo. This is a wonderful shirt which will let you make that statement you are looking for with its Bunker stripe down the side. The attention to detail shows in its penny edge shape collar. The key point however is that there is no right or wrong here, its about personal choice and self expression.


Now you have selected your polo the next step is to pick the trousers to complement the shirt. An easy way to do this is to pick something that contrasts the polo, if you have a navy top choose a lighter trouser for the bottom, maybe a Bunker blue or a stone colourway. You can obviously put a navy polo with navy trousers but that tends to make for more of a uniform than an outfit. If you have selected a bold bright top, like the Apex or the Diamond Stripe then try to have a sold darker colour on the bottom.

However, we would recommend you try and avoid putting shirts and trousers in the same colour together as an outfit. Sure we have seen Ricky Fowler do this with his ‘all orange’ outfit but in our view it doesn’t work not even for him. It ends up looking like an all in one suit and certainly isn’t something you would wear in your normal daily life, so stay away from that idea is our advice.


Not everyone wears a cap, I usually wear one if its sunny to prevent getting head burn. Hats are great as they can be worn on and off the course and we have a lot of different style to chose from. Pick a hat one that works with your outfit. Our very own Playa caps are always white as they will match any outfit and you can select one with the logo embroidery to match your polo shirt. Its that easy.


A nice belt can make an outfit. If you have chosen a dark trousers you could afford to splash some colour here and make that understated outfit just a little bit more individual. Alternatively use a belt colour the same as the trouser to match in with a tonal look showing thoughtful coordination in you outfit building.

Hopefully by now you’ll have some more confidence to look at the outfit you select for your ‘game day’ and create something that shows you appreciate that golf is special and you dress up to play golf. Enjoy the game.

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