How did Jon Rahm miss an 11-inch putt?

Jon Rahm will never miss a shorter putt in his entire career. It was the shortest missed putt on the PGA Tour this season and it turned a par into a bogey at Bay Hill’s 7th hole and his opening round into a level-par 72.

The US Open champion barely made contact with the ball and he explained afterwards that he tried to stop the stuttering stroke.

“I wish I could give you all the excuses in the world, but no, it's as simple as it just didn't feel good in my hands, and I tried to stop, and I didn't. I just simply didn't stop.  I tried to stop it, it didn't sit well in my hands. I was a little sweaty. I don't know. It was very odd. It's not like it affected my play the rest of the day because I played really good. But sitting at 1-under I feel like would feel a lot better than even par. It just sucks to give that one away.”

The Spaniard admitted that nothing surprised him in this game, even from inside 12 inches.

“I’ve seen from the putter get a little stuck on a blade of grass on the way back and do something funky, hit the ground before because you're not paying attention. I've seen so many things from a foot. I've seen some of the best putters in the world miss it because you don't really take a proper stance. It sucks to give away a shot like that, to be honest.”