Honing my Numbers

So my Flightscope is just awesome! Been out a few times over the winter just working on my club gapping and shot trajectories. The Xi Skills app is great for doing combine challenges to really work on that sub 120 yard area of my game which certainly needed it at the tail end of last season.

I’ve been really dialing in my wedges for full and half swings to get the distance gaps spot on. Take a look at the averages in the pic attached. It certainly shows up my 3 iron needs some work. I have been toying with the idea of a 4 hybrid, possibly a Nike Covert 2.0 Tour, as it has great adjustability which I can use to get the perfect fit in the bag with. The 5 wood is coming out if I do, along with the 3 iron and will look to gap the hybrid in at around 220 yards.

The work with my wedges brought up some interesting strike inconsistencies so I went to Golf DNA and clubs checks. We started with the wedges as I felt my AoA was all over the place.. I had my 52* bent down to 50*, which also knocked off some bounce and I have found it much more controllable 120 yards grouping and spin was high. Also got my 56* down to 54*, again due to bounce/strike issues, and is now a nice smooth 100 yards for what I would call a full shot, which is only really 90% swing. With the imminent changes at the top end it leaves me with room for a 4th wedge, so looking at 60* I think. More than likely going to go Callaway MD2 Tour Grind, although the new PM grind looks pretty interesting for some funky shots around the green. I think its our in June so might not wait around for that one really….

Other than that it should be some new threads as the new spring 2015 range has just dropped in the Bunker, check em out here http://www.bunker-mentality.com/mens/new-spring-summer-2015-collection
I’m loving the CMAX War, and possibly gonna grab a limited edition Bad Mutha Putter cover too! Oooooh so many naughty items to buy!

New society season starts at the end of March so really need to get out there and #bleedgreen

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