Good news - The Match Rematch unlikely to happen

Of all the things that we need in 2022 another made-for-TV clash between Brooks Koepka and Bryson DeChambeau is fairly low down on the list. The pair met in Vegas recently, with Koepka coming out on top, and another contrived meeting is unlikely.

DeChambeau, after the defeat, said that he was hopeful of a rematch soon but Koepka doesn't see the need.

"There should be no Part II," Koepka said. "I  mean, I won the online battle, he can't trash talk, and I've won the golf. So 2-0, it's tough to come back from."


Koepka's game is seemingly back on an upward curve and he's hitting the shots that he likes to see.

"I worked my tail off over the last two months and I see the light at the end of the tunnel," he said. "I'm damn close and it was nice to come out (in the Bahamas) and see the shots that come out the right window, right flight, right shape, everything, right spin.

"I've got my swing under somewhat control, it's not 100 per cent but it's really, really close, we're figuring it out and I'm just happy with everything right now." 

And with the improved form comes the confidence. When asked if he can return to the 'peak' Brooks of 2018-19 when he dominated the major scene?

"[2018-19] wasn't peak," he said. "Just wait."