Golf Punk spirit alive and kicking!

Its been a long and enjoyable road that we have travelled over the years and we have seen many things come and go. One which we believe had the right mentality to make a positive change in golf was Golf Punk Magazine. Most people are aware thatit went through several ups and downs over the years but the original spirit was truly good. Well, we have discovered this spirit lives on over in Hamburg at Golf Club St Pauli ( ). We have know the three guys, Hanjo and his two partners AC ( breakfast DJ on Hamburg radio ) and Kosta who run the club for a number of years now and when they said they wanted to do a BunkerFEST in Hamburg it was a no brainer for us.

We used to say there are people who write about it, there are those who think about it, and those who talk, talk, talk about…living the golf life style. We have always walked that path and created the brand for that lifestyle but the guys at Golf Club St Pauli actually ‘live the lifestyle’. As hosts of our very first BunkerFEST International at Golf Gut Glinde just outside the wonderful city of Hamburg the San Pauli crew did a marvoulous job. The sun was shining all day and the beer was flowing from the first tee till very, very late into the wee small hours. These guys live the golf punk life to the max and the love their golf. This event was everything our own BunkerFEST is know for with a few extras such as the unique beer cart. This was originally a standard electric golf cart but not once the St Pauli boys got their hands on it. They ripped the electric motor out and fitted a very noisy suzuki bike engine and some seriously chunky tyres…and finally they fit a gas cylinder to pump the draft beer barrel which is mounted on the back. Why…its golf St pauli style.

The beer cart is at every St Pauli event transported in their very own purpose built and customised tour truck. This is the coolest thing we have seen in golf since we created our first Bunker t-shirt! The truck has a shop fully stocked with latest Bunker Mentality gear, a large 50 inche flatscreen and of course a ‘bar’ fully loaded with thier own special Astra beer! The roof of the truck is reinforced and accessed by the spiral stairway inside the truck. The roof deck is a useful viewing point but is often used for a live band to perform. This tour truck travels around Germany to all the St Pauli events through the year and is truly a magnificent thing. We want one thats for sure…watch this space! In the meantime we are hoping to get the truck over for next years BunkerFEST 3!

With 140 players playing the 18 holes with a lunch (drinks) break after the 9th the average round took about 6 hours. There was also a “Gong Challenge’ and some young buck actually hit it! Massive not to metion very loud speakers dominated two of the fairways on the course as well as around the 19th hole. Music could be heard on all holes of the course. In honour of Bunker Mentalitys very own ‘Mr Bunker’ the St Pauli crew spent the day clad in tartan kilts (or their version of them, they wouldnt get over the border looking like this) and scarfs and two full rather impressive Scottish pipers marched up and down the 19th all afternoon playing the pipes…and sinking their fair share of the beer.

The the day was a fantastic success and we all had a ball! A great big thanks to the St Pauli crew for organizing the first ever International BunkerFEST!

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